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Powerpro Braid and Depth-Hunter

Powerpro braid has well and truly earned the right to be called the number one braid in modern angling.

With an incredible strength to diameter ratio, high abrasion resistance and supremely supple, stretch-free properties, this amazing, round-profile pure spectra braid will not bed in like many others.


We only supply genuine UK market Powerpro, and believe ourselves to be the cheapest UK dealer who can guarantee this fact and back it up with proof! 


Available in 92m (100yd), 135m (150yd), 275m (300yd), 455m (500yd) and 1370m (1500yd) spools in moss green, hi-vis yellow or red. We also have some white in the 275m spools.

Breaking strains stocked are.....

4Kg/9lb (0.08mm), 5Kg/11lb (0.10mm), 8Kg/18lb (0.13mm), 9Kg/20lb (0.15mm), 13Kg/29lb (0.19mm), 15Kg/33lb (0.23mm), 20Kg/44lb (0.28mm), 24Kg/53lb (0.32mm), 30Kg/66lb (0.36mm), 40Kg/88lb, 48Kg/106lb and 55Kg/121lb - please enquire for price/availability.


Depth-hunter is a specialist version of Powerpro where the colour changes every 10m. This makes it a necessity for all serious boat anglers, so you can easily lower your bait to the required depth at which the fish are feeding. Supplied in 15Kg, 20Kg, 24Kg and 30KG.


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