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The heavyweight KWC 24/7 is a CO2 gun that fires .20g 6mm BB at 134m/440 ft/sec! Capable of firing 100+ shots from a single canister, and with a magazine that holds 15BBs, its semi-automatic action will provide many hours of enjoyment without breaking the bank!

Features a tactical rail for addition of laser etc.

ONLY £69.95 

The KWC M92 is a GAS POWERED (green gas) blowback air pistol. It fires 6mm BBs and has a magazine capacity of 12BBs.

We are offering these brilliant and stylish pistols at a knockdown price.


RRP £99.95

OURS £69.95 

24-7 metal 6mm.jpg
KWC 941.jpg

This is the beautifully sleek KWC 941.

It is a heavyweight 6mm CO2 powered pistol capable of 1.8 joules of energy, producing a rapid 440ft/sec of speed with a 0.20g BB.

This 15 shot semi-automatic pistol is capable of over 100 shots per canister, and is a fine pistol at an affordable price of just £69.95

milbro classic 1911 6mm.jpg

The stunning Milbro Classic 1911 is an immaculate replica of the famous Colt Government 1911.

This full metal blowback 6mm BB firing pistol has a magazine capacity of 14 rounds and is powered by a 12g CO2 cartridge. With its classy silver finish, this blowback pistol is a very popular choice.

RRP = £139.95 OURS = £99.99!


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