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Bleak Hall Sports sells blanks and blank firers too. Whether you want to start a race, deter birds from your crops or are involved in re-enactment, we can fulfil your needs.

We stock .22 short, .22 long, 8mm, 9mm and 9mm parabellum blanks, as well as the pistols themselves.

Below is a selection of blank firers available from ourselves.

Please be aware that we don't keep all of these in stock all the time, but any that we don't have are just a few days away (subject to availability).

The guns which are available in black are not stocked, but can be ordered for those who have the necessary authority and permissions to own them.


Model 92 8mm 15 shot blank firer. Orange or black(with reason). £139.95

Model P4 8mm 10 shot blank firer. Orange or black (with reason). £119.95

Blank firing revolver

Single action 9mm (.380) revolver. Orange, black (with reason) and nickel (with reason). £99.95

Olympic 6 revolver. Fires short or long .22 blanks. Orange gun, or black (with reason) £64.95

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