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The SMK B2 De-luxe is now available with fully adjustable rear sight and fibre optics for just £74.95.

Great introduction to air rifle shooting. Please note....... scope not included.

Also available in .22 with a camo stock for £79.95



The newly released Remington Pest Controller is set to become a huge seller. This powerful air rifle is only available in .22 calibre and is operated with a simple break barrel action. Featuring fibre optic sights for ease of aiming, it is one of the lowest priced vermin rifles available at just £129.95!

Our best selling hunting rifle!

The Remington Express package is a full-powered traditional break-barrel air rifle that comes complete with a 4 x 32 scope. It is available in .177 or .22 with a lovely chequered wooden stock and is the perfect choice for those looking for a quality rifle without breaking the bank at £159.95.

The Hatsan Breaker combo is a really good performer at a price that belies its quality. Featuring a traditional wooden stock with a vented recoil pad, it is supplied with a sound moderator and a 4x40 scope and mounts. Delivering a full 11.5 ft/lbs of energy and available in .177 and .22, this super package is for sale at just £149.99



The Milbro Accqr8 really is a cracker of a gun! Lightweight and with a slightly reduced stock length, it is ideal for youth and adult target shooting. Featuring fully adjustable fibre-optic sights and a manual safety, it is a wonderfully accurate target rifle at a competitive price of just £79.95.

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