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The Beeman 2006E (P17) is a single stroke pneumatic air pistol in .177 or .22 calibre. This recoilless gun features a red dot sight.

Superb value at just £89.95

Also available as the 2004E (p17) model without the red dot sight for £79.95

The MILBRO S3 is a break barrel pistol available in either .177 or .22 with a rifled barrel. It features a high impact ABS stock and fibre optic rear sights.

Fantastic value at just £49.95.


Our first ever gas-ram air pistol, the UX Trevox really packs a punch at around 5ft/lbs of energy, making it suitable for short range vermin control. The gas ram allows for ultra smooth cocking and a pleasing trigger pull, while the moderator (included) results in a surpisingly quiet pistol. Firing a .177 pellet through its lengthy rifled barrel ensures supreme accuracy.

Set to be a huge seller at £139.95

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