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The SMK slingshot is ideal for those new to slingshot shooting, or those who want a traditional basic slingshot. Sturdy metal frame and powerful elastic and leather pouch. Great value at just £6.99

The SMK folding slingshot is a fabulous slingshot at a very competitive price.​

The folding wrist brace and high powered band allow for powerful shooting at a price of just £9.95. 

The Barnett Black Widow sets the standard by which all other slingshots are measured. The original and best no-nonsense folding slingshot is made to the highest quality and is for sale at just £16.95.

Barnett Cobra slingshots really are a cut above the rest. With a front sight system, extended wrist brace, contoured handle and magnum power bands, this is a slingshot to rival any others. £31.99


9.5mm ammo x 75 £2.95

6mm ammo x 250 £2.95

9.5mm ammo x 500 £14.99

6mm ammo x 2000 £14.99

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