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The traditional charcoal handwarmer has stood the test of time and has been a must-have accessory for many years. Grab one here for just £5.00. Spare charcoal sticks are only £3.55 for 12.

whitby handwarmer.jpg

The Whitby Warmer provides a fast, easy and safe solution to the problem of cold hands - whatever your activity. Whether it's hill walking, mountaineering, fishing or golfing, the Whitby Warmer will have your hands warm in no time.

  • Burn Time - 6 or 12 hours depending on fill

  • Burner lifetime of 90 burns (assuming 12 hour burn)

  • Filling cup

  • 'Flameless' catalytic warmer

  • Lighter fluid not included (£2 per tin)

  • Portable heat on the go!

  • Protective fleece bag

       ONLY £19.99

This item can be engraved on the reverse to personalise your warmer. Up to 25 characters add £8.50

We can also offer, unique to ourselves, the three beautifully etched designs below for only an extra £10 (£29.99 total price for each etched warmer). Choose from the fighting fish, the partridge in flight or the hunter and his dog.

fish warmer.jpg
partridge warmer.jpg
shooting warmer.jpg
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