Warrior compound bow kit.jpg

The Armex Warrior Youth Bow Kits are ideal for beginners, youths and all round family fun.

Included in these kits are 2x fibreglass arrows, a mounted arrow quiver, a finger tab and a sight.

Both are 20lb draw weight and offer superb quality at a realistic price.

Recurve price is £44.99

Compound price is £49.99

Warrior recurve bow kit.jpg

30" cedar wood target arrows.

Pack of 5 arrows £12.99

Foam Target with aluminium frame stand designed for use with 60cm and 80cm paper targets.

Supplied with a 60cm target face and 4 target pins.   £29.95

Spare 50cm target faces are £9.95 for 10.

Petron Stealth 28" fibreglass arrows.

Pack of 3 arrows £7.95